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Welsh Love Spoons

The tradition of carving and giving love spoons is centuries old. The oldest surviving love spoon is dated 1667 but the custom stretches back further than the 17th century and its symbolism reaches far back into the mists of time.

It is believed the spoons became an invitation from a youth to a maid to begin courting. As many of the men who carved the spoons would have been illiterate, the love spoons, with their intricate designs, carried an unwritten message to the women they loved. Each symbol, lovingly carved into the spoon, carried a particular message.

Today's love spoons are not only given as messages of love, but more and more as symbols of friendship. The love spoon still carries its ancient message of love and understanding, but today it goes far beyond the boundaries of Wales.

Welsh Love Spoon Symbols | Welsh Love Spoon History

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Welsh Love Spoon Favours - Natural Finish (discontinued)

Welsh Love Spoon Favours - Natural Finish (discontinued)

Size: 9.5cms / 3.75"These hardwood Welsh love spoon favours are left with a natural finish rather th..

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