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Welsh Love Spoon Symbols

CAGED BALLS - The years a suitor would be prepared to wait to marry or the number of children in a family. In recent times, the balls have been related to total family members so the triple ball for example is a perfect gift on the occasion of a couple's first child or christening.

CROSS - Symbolises the blessing of a couple's union and faith in marriage.

DOUBLE SPOONS - Represents a couple together forever.

HEART - Shows that the carver's heart always belongs to his loved one.

HORSESHOE - An age old symbol of good luck and happiness.

KEYHOLE - Living together after marriage. My house is yours.

LINKS - Shows two lives linked together forever.

LOCK - Promises that the suitor will look after his love and provide security.

TWISTED STEM - To live together as one. Again from Wales' seafaring history and based on the coils of rope.

TWO HEARTS - Two people who share the same feelings.