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  • Transposer Kaboozle Puzzle

A scrambled path-finder, waiting for you to unscramble it. A set of four ergonomic squares, showing sections of paths in four colours. You have to layer them correctly to create a continuous path from corner to corner, linking the two terminals. Ten increasingly difficult solutions to find.

Will delightfully lead you astray many times before you master it (if you ever do). Stimulates perceptional powers and sense of direction. The ideal cure for traffic gridlocks and holiday blues.

Amazingly clever and inspirational. Elegantly presented in a transparent dome-shaped stand.

Size: 90 x 90mm

Rating: * * * *

Please note that this puzzle is brand new but has been repackaged for postage purposes.

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Transposer Kaboozle Puzzle

  • £3.50
  • £1.00