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Japanese Puzzle Box FAQs

Do all puzzle boxes come with instructions?
Almost all puzzle boxes come with opening instructions. We can give guidance if required.

Are all puzzle boxes supplied in a gift box?
There are a few made by craftsmen outside the main group that are not boxed. These are clearly marked in the description. Vintage puzzle boxes are not boxed.

My puzzle box will close using less moves than it takes to open. Is it faulty?
No. Because of the way puzzle boxes are made you will sometimes find that some moves can be omitted in the closing sequence.

The pattern doesn't match exactly where the keys slide. Is it a sub-standard box?
No. When producing a Japanese puzzle box, the Yosegi (the pattern you see) is applied to the box before the keys are cut. A 1mm saw is then used to cut the keys therefore a small sliver of wood is removed. Some patterns such as Koyosegi which is a random pattern or block patterns, hide the cut very well whereas it will be more noticeable with a uniform, diagonal pattern.