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Pocket Telescopes

It's many years since the only products that came out of China were plastic and broke as soon as you looked at them!
Today's exports include some extremely good quality items and are very good value for money.

Our prism telescopes are just such items. For the price, the optics can't be beaten and when you haven't paid a fortune for your telescope you don't mind it rolling around the car glove compartment or getting fluffy in your pocket. Which, of course, is exactly where it should be - ready when you want it. A small telescope is so much easier to carry than a pair of binoculars so there's no excuse not to take yours with you wherever you go.

To keep your telescope lenses in tip top condition we highly recommend Sparklebright Lens Cleaner.

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8 x 21 Golf Range Finder Telescope

8 x 21 Golf Range Finder Telescope

Simply line up with the base of the flag and then read the approximate distance in yards or metres b..

£4.95 £9.95

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