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About Us

Faze 3 is run by myself, Alan Ford and my wife Sandra. The business began life in 1997 as a high street shop* and the first tentative steps into the web site began a couple of years later. After 10 years it became obvious that our future was in online sales and the decision was made in early 2006 to close the shop.

With your help, the business has gone from strength to strength and now supplies many items on various web sites. You will find that our customer support is second to none.

If you visit this site you can see how long we’ve been on the web. Some rather embarrassing viewing for us here but it shows that we’ve been around for a while !

We would also love you to view our Customer Reviews. They, more than anything, will give you a good idea of the way we like to operate our business.

We strive to give you a unique, safe shopping experience with extremely competitive prices and fast service.

* When time allows, we are putting together an archive of all the suppliers we used to use and the products we sold. Mainly for our own trips down memory lane but anyone is welcome to have a look!